Cincinnati 2014 -David Benjamin Sherry

David Benjamin Sherry: Western Romance proposes a conversation between history and contemporary art, combining in one gallery space recent works by Sherry with masterpieces of American landscape photography. Through selection and thoughtful juxtapositions, the installation also presents a conversation between artist and curator, maker and historian.

David Sherry’s photographs attempt to reinvigorate a long tradition of Western landscape photography, taking as their starting point works by the great masters of American photography, such as Carleton Watkins, Timothy O’Sullivan, Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and Minor White. They also attempt to reinvigorate


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1,200 Whimsical Stone Statues at Buddhist Temple in Kyoto

A big appeal of Buddhism to me is that a lot of the art features people looking like they’re having a good time and/or are completely chill.

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   ”CACTUS COLLECTION” Lophophora Williamson,(peyote)/Ariocarpus retusus„Lophophoras,(dif.spec.),Lophophora caspitose,(Mexico),and     Copiapoa Columna-Alba,(Pan de Azucar,Atacama).

   I have a big admiration for this rare,and very beautiful plants! They are very “fragile”…and sensitive…as “survivors”….


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